Dealing With Wall Rot and Stucco Services

Waterproofing Stucco Tampa begins with a qualified and experienced professional. This can be accomplished through education, training, or experience. There are many ways to gain this type of education, including attending local schools or community colleges. Here are some of the other opportunities for those looking to learn more about stucco wall systems and the benefits they offer.

Waterproofing Stucco

Most homeowners want their exterior walls to last for years, but sometimes unexpected circumstances occur. These unexpected situations can be caused by rain, excessive heat or even a combination of any of these conditions. For this reason, waterproofing services are available to protect the integrity of the exterior walls, as well as reduce future damage.

It is important to note that often the only way for a homeowner to have better protection for his or her home is to invest in quality products. Many of the local stucco walls that we see are applied on an adhered basis. This process is much easier than using adhesives, which is why many homeowners opt for this method. What’s more, it is much less expensive than applying the stucco walls with adhesives.

When it comes to protecting the structure of the home from moisture conditions, it is not just the house that benefits. The stucco wall systems that are installed also provide a better level of insulation. This means that over time, a property will save money on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, over time, the structure of the building will become stronger and more resistant to damage from pests and weather. Finally, when it comes to aesthetics, a beautiful and attractive exterior can also increase the property value.

One of the most important components of any stucco wall system is the drainage matrix that is used to channel water away from the home. There are several different types of drainage matting that can be used. These include: clay, webbed, paper, and premium clay. Each of these has their own benefits, so it is best to talk to a professional about choosing the best one.

After installing the stucco walls, another concern is moisture intrusion and condensation. What many people do not realize is that there are two different types of stucco systems. First, there is a metal flashing system. This is comprised of stainless steel flashing, which is then covered by a decorative metal roofing. Next, there is a moisture barrier, which is composed of sturdy canvas. The canvas is designed to resist weather-resistant factors such as rain and snow.

For houses located in regions where there is very heavy rainfall or extremely hot temperatures, a moisture barrier is not enough. This is where a weather-resistant barrier is needed. This consists of metal flashing with an integrated climate control valve. When the air gap becomes too small, this valve shuts off the water flow to prevent excess moisture intrusion. However, when the air gap is too large, the valve allows water to flow freely into the house.

To solve the moisture problem, a good stucco repair company should also perform mold remediation. During the remediation process, the contractor will visually inspect the house and its ventilation system. He will also take samples of the mold growth and submit them for testing through a certified laboratory. Once the mold test results come back, the contractor will identify the specific mold species causing the moisture intrusion. With this information, he can determine what the best solution is. By properly addressing the moisture problem, stucco contractors can keep houses from suffering from wall rot and other problems brought about by excess moisture.