Wood Siding Repair and DIY Tips For Dealing With a Leaking Roof

Wood siding repair can be done affordably if you know what you are doing and are willing to spend a little time and effort. There are two basic types of restorations. One type is strictly residential and the other type of repair is commercial property. Residential wood siding repairs involve replacing whole siding, striping, repairs to single board, and repairs of cracked or broken shingles.

Wood Siding Repair

Caulking is used for Wood Siding Repair and used if the damage is extensive. When caulking is applied to a section of siding, it seals the edges and helps to prevent moisture from penetrating the underlying structure. The price for a caulked section is less than one fourth of the price of a whole section. Most homeowners do not want to replace entire sections of their exterior siding but instead want to do some cosmetic repair.

Nail guns and pry bars are both common tools that are used for wood siding repair. Nails and pry bars are used for decorative purposes only. Although both of these tools can be dangerous, nail guns and pry bars are generally safe when used in well ventilated areas like attics.

Nail guns are designed to pull up boards using compressed air while pry bars are designed to break through wood siding with a sharp edged blade. A nail gun usually comes with several nails that can be driven horizontally into the lumber. A wood blade is used for scraping away flaking. Nails and pry bars are generally used on single boards only because they tend to damage larger boards. For larger repairs, it is recommended that a multi-tool or power sander is used.

Water damage is another reason why you need to call a professional for wood siding repair. Water can penetrate the exterior wood siding leaving you with a compromised foundation and constant moisture that will eventually lead to rot. Mold can also grow on your wood siding causing mildew and a musty odor. To prevent this from happening, mold and mildew inhibitor can be applied to the surface as well as sealing any crevices in the process.

Fiber cement siding is the most durable when compared to traditional wooden siding and also comes in a variety of styles. However, fiber cement will not last as long as wooden siding due to constant exposure to moisture and the elements. An annual maintenance procedure is recommended for fiber cement siding to keep it looking fresh. Once a year, wash the fiber cement siding using mild soap and water and allow it to dry completely. After the cleaning is complete, apply a layer of polyurethane to protect it from moisture and UV rays.

When it comes to repairing a loose siding repair, a hammer is needed to pound the entire area until it comes to a smooth surface. The nail should be hammered straight down into the wood, although it can be driven halfway into the wood. A pressure washer can be used to blast away any dried nails that remain. Apply insect repellant to the area as well because it is more difficult to get rid of these pests in areas where there are already a large number of them. Call an expert to help you get rid of other pests such as carpenter ants with eggs.

If you have mildew or mold growing, then you need to act fast before they spread. There are several different types of fungi that cause mold and mildew, and applying a mold killing agent will help prevent mildew and mold growth. Fungi thrive in humid conditions and will find any moisture source to be their hosts. You can prevent mildew and mold growth by regularly wiping your home, making sure it is dry and that no moisture or food remains stagnant in any area.